50 Cent Bought 200 Tickets to a Ja Rule Concert Just to Keep Them Empty

50 Cent Bought 200 Tickets to a Ja Rule Concert Just To Keep Them Empty


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What a show, 👏I mean just fucking great. Do it again😆my kid went to the restroom. LOL #bellator #lecheminduroi

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Imagine hating someone this much

50 Cent‘s bankruptcy woes didn’t keep him from doing a little splurging on Groupon recently. Consistent with a history of extreme pettiness, a recent post on Instagram alludes to yet another jab at longtime rival and troll sparring partner, Ja Rule.

After spotting a stellar deal(?) on the bargain site for tickets to an upcoming Ja Rule concert at $15 a piece, 50 allegedly purchased 200 of them for $3,000 just to keep them empty. The duo have miles of malevolent history between them, including butter knife stabbings, hold-ups, and countless diss tracks, but it’s hard to pinpoint the moment things went sour between the pair of Queens rappers.

It does, however, seem ill-advised to squander what’s left of that staggering nine-figure Vitamin Water deal on making a rapper that’s equally-washed look even worse. That said, if this proves to be true in any way, it is amongst the coldest things ever done between rappers. Hope that Power money’s enough to keep these random acts of pettiness worth their investment.


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Lol at $15 a pop you can’t lose, I got 200 tickets for 3 bands. 😆#bellator #lecheminduroi

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