YNW Melly’s Condition Apparently Worsening, Reports Say

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 The Florida rapper is awaiting further treatment.

Two weeks ago, YNW Melly‘s family revealed that the rapper has tested positive for COVID-19. Subsequently, his lawyer Bradford Cohen filed a motion for a restricted release, attempting to get his client a release, or at least better treatment.

The judge denied that request, saying that Melly must request special medical treatment from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

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According to Cohen, Melly is suffering from a high temperature, severe chills, labored breathing, and headaches. Additionally, his representatives say he’s down to 114 pounds. However, Cohen says the Broward County Jail has not provided inmates with protective personal equipment to slow the spread.

“They have not given them masks or cleaning supplies,” Cohen told TMZ. “That would be beneficial regarding his recovery. This is against all recommendations of the Surgeon General and CDC.”

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TMZ reports that Melly has been isolated from his cellmate, who also tested positive for the virus. However, the 20-year-old is receiving just Gatorade and Tylenol to assist with his symptoms.

Melly and labelmate Cortlen “YNW Bortlen” Henry are currently awaiting trial in the shooting death of their two labelmates Christopher “YNW Sakchaser” Thomas, Jr. and Anthony “YNW Juvy” Williams. In February 2019, VeroNews reported that Melly and Henry were also suspects in the 2017 shooting death of Indian River County Sherriff Deputy Gary Chambliss.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding YNW Melly and the upcoming trial.

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