Photo Credit: 20th Century Studios

Watch the First Trailer For Hulu's 'White Men Can't Jump' Remake with Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow and Sinqua Walls appear in the first teaser for the upcoming White Men Can't Jump remake on Hulu.

Jack Harlow and Sinqua Walls ball out of control in Hulu's upcoming White Men Can't Jump remake. A first look at the Calmatic-directed film debuted on Sunday (February 5), with Harlow and Walls portraying characters Jeremy and Kamal Allen, respectively. The film – which also stars Teyana Taylor, Vince Staples and Laura Harrier – is a remake of the 1992 sports film of the same name, which starred Wesley Snipes, Woody Allen and Rosie Perez.

Just a few months before the release of his sophomore album, Come Home the Kids Miss You, Harlow was announced in the co-lead role after having just one screen audition. Also last year, the rapper spoke about his audition on Apple Music 1's The Zane Lowe Show.

“You know, I did the work to get it… I put the time in with the script. I sat with it. I considered things. I tried to be egoless during the audition, take notes, do what I had to do. And it came…. I just want to kill it. I just want to be good and I want to do everything I can to make it good,” Harlow told Lowe.

He continued, “There was an initial excitement about announcing it and just the buzz that comes with, look, I’m in a movie. Everybody like, wow, that’s crazy. But after that dust settles… it’s time to make it good. Because it’s either just going to be, there was an announcement you were in a movie and nothing else, or you get that and it’s like, wow, and you brought it. You brought it. And so I’m starting to look at it how I look at the music. And it’s my first one, so I care a lot about it.”

White Men Can't Jump premieres on May 19.