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One Of The Most Memorable 'Chappelle's Show' Episodes Has Been Removed From Streaming Services

The episode, which appeared in season two of Chappelle's Show, has been removed following sexual assault charges against Ron Jeremy, who made a guest appearance in the episode.

The sixth episode from the second season of Chappelle's Show is arguably one of the most memorable episodes from the series. It was the first one in which Dave Chappelle introduced two sketches that would reoccur on the show, and ultimately become some of the series' most beloved sketches: "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong" and "A Moment in the Life of Lil Jon."

The show also had another memorable sketch called "If the Internet Was a Real Place," which also happens to be the sketch that led to the episode's removal because of Ron Jeremy's guest appearance in it. In a report from the Daily Beast, the episode has been removed from streaming services and withheld from streaming on HBO Max and Netflix, following sexual assault charges against Jeremy that came about earlier this year.

Per the Daily Beast:

According to the source, the episode was first removed from streaming on Comedy Central platforms, as well as CBS All Access — which also falls under the ViacomCBS banner — in June when Jeremy was charged with sexually assaulting four women.

When ViacomCBS signed over the non-exclusive streaming rights for Chappelle’s Show to Netflix and HBO Max later in the year, the episode was excluded from the licensing deals altogether due to standards and practices. Netflix and HBO Max declined to comment officially; however, a source close to ViacomCBS, a source close to WarnerMedia, and a source familiar with the situation all independently confirmed that both streamers were notified in advance by ViacomCBS that this specific episode would not be made available as part of their non-exclusive deals.

"If the Internet Was a Real Place" finds Chappelle in a real life version of the internet and, upon running into Jeremy, gets a glimpse of some of the more sleazy aspects of the internet.

Chappelle's Show recently made its way to streaming services HBO Max and Netflix on November 1.