Keegan-Michael Key as Michael Jordan in the Saturday Night Live parody of 'The Last Dance'
Keegan-Michael Key as Michael Jordan in the Saturday Night Live parody of 'The Last Dance'
Source: Youtube/Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live's 'The Last Dance' Parody is Hilariously Cold

Keegan-Michael Key was an impossibly petty Michael Jordan in a standout sketch from his Saturday Night Live debut.

Saturday Night Live got a welcomed boost of energy from Keegan-Michael Key last night.

In his hosting debut, the sketch show vet appeared in nearly all segments after promising to do just that in a musical opening monologue. A standout sketch from the night (if not the last few seasons,) found Key lacing up as Michael Jordan in a hilariously cold parody of the ESPN's The Last Dance

Framed as an extended scene from the 10-part 2020 documentary series, the sketch centers on the quarters game Jordan seemingly invented for the sole purpose of hustling arena workers before games. Specifically, security guard John Wozniak (amazingly portrayed by Heidi Gardner,) whose Kanye-rivaling shrug became a sleeper meme during the series' initial run. But in the fake DVD extra, Wozniak doesn't call it after going up $5 on Jordan. Instead, he loses it all on the ride as the NBA legend keeps upping the stakes, round after round, until the man's very dignity is on the line. Eventually, Keenan Thompson's Charles Barkley gets in on the action. And even then, Jordan just can't help but keep pushing. The sketch also features Chris Redd as Dennis Rodman and Mikey Day as Phil Jackson narrating and being mostly unsurprised by Jordan's ruthless gambling habit.

Key's appearance clocks in as the penultimate episode of Saturday Night Live this season. He was joined by musical guest Olivia Rodrigo, who sang her breakout hit, "Driver's License" and the single "Good 4 U." Next week, Anya Taylor-Joy will close the 46th season of the sketch show with Lil Nas X as her musical guest.

Watch Keegan-Michael Key's impossibly petty Michael Jordan in The Last Dance sketch below and head over to Peacock for the full episode. Tune in next weekend for the season finale of Saturday Night Live.