Watch Sacha Baron Cohen Crash a Trump Rally in an Official Trailer for The 'Borat' Sequel
Watch Sacha Baron Cohen Crash a Trump Rally in an Official Trailer for The 'Borat' Sequel
Source: Youtube/Amazon Prime

Watch Sacha Baron Cohen Crash a Trump Rally in Official Trailer for The 'Borat' Sequel

Borat takes on the GOP in a surprise sequel.

Following a month of mounting rumors and speculation, a Borat sequel is officially in the book. And it turns out, we're just a few weeks away from its debut.

Last week, an obscenely long title for the sequel was revealed in a filing with Writers Guild of America. But now, we're getting our first peek at the surprise sequel in the film's trailer. Picking up in the wake of the original film's success, the irreverent Kazakh journalist now needs his own set of disguises to dodge the suspicions of fans, police, and unwitting bystanders, traveling across the Bible belt and swaths of the midwest in pursuit of a prestigious partner for his daughter, who joins him on the journey. His travels take him through an American heartland reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, pit-stopping at an abortion clinic, a costume shop, and, most notably, a GOP rally headlined by Vice President, Mike Pence, who seems less than pleased by the infiltration.

In the lead up to the trailer's release, a Twitter account for the Kazakhstan government was created. In its debut tweet, they crowned Trump, "great friend of Kazakh people," the victor of the first presidential debate 45 minutes before it had even begun.

The return of Borat follows Cohen's limited-run series, Who Is America?, in which he outed a number of Republican politicians for objectively abhorrent views on race, gender, and immigration, several of which ultimately resigned from their posts after the show aired. Here's hoping the new film can keep that tradition alive and well.

Borat:Gift of Pornographic Monkey to Vice Premier Mikhael Pence to Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation of Kazakhstan (full title) is slated to debut on Amazon Prime on October 23rd, just two weeks ahead of the presidential election.

Watch the official trailer above and hold tight for the film to drop in the weeks ahead.