Screenshot of hologram Rick in the trailer for season five of Rick and Morty
Screenshot of hologram Rick in the trailer for season five of Rick and Morty
Source: Adult Swim/Youtube

Adult Swim Unveils 'Rick and Morty' Return Date in New Trailer

The network also released a beautifully animated 17-minute video of a (criminally unplayable) easter-egg-filled side-scroller game.

The new season campaign for Rick and Morty is officially underway. And we finally know when the show is expected to return.

On Saturday morning, Adult Swim shared a pair of new trailers for the show's incoming fifth season. There's, of course, the standardly high-octane teaser with explosive segments from the new season, glimpsing a Smith/Sanchez family Voltron, a colossal Rick hologram, and, naturally, loads of extraterrestrial monsters and planet-jumping. And for those with iron-clad attention spans and 17 minutes to spare, there's a separate video of a beautifully animated (and criminally unplayable) Megaman-ish side-scroller game that's packed with easter eggs and follows the titular duo as they blast through a range of alien bad guys, which is just the long way to learn the show's cleared for reentry on June 20th. The fake video game, titled, Rick And Morty In The Eternal Nightmare Machine, was designed by Paul Robertson, a pixel art legend responsible for several iconic Adult Swim bumpers, and spotting the show references he's stitched into video should keep you busy well into next month. Both videos premiered on the network last night in the middle of a season four marathon.

Though it's unclear how the show's creators (Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland,) intend to structure the upcoming run of episodes, the last season of Rick and Morty was split into two five-episode blocks with nearly six months between them. Here's hoping there's no mid-season break this time around.

Watch the new trailers for season five of Rick and Morty below and tune into Adult Swim at 11pm on June 20th for the new season's premiere. You can also revisit prior seasons of the series on HBO Max.