‘Rick and Morty’ (Kind of) Return in a Brutal Anime-Inspired Short

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'Rick and Morty' (Kind of) Return in a Brutal Anime-Inspired Short
Source: Youtube/Adult Swim

Samurai Rick and Shogun Morty take flight.

Rick and Morty made a brief but needed return this morning. In the absence of the second half of the show’s fourth season, Adult Swim has released a brutal new short.

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Inspired by the bloody battle scenes of classic Japanese films, anime series, and mangas, the 5-minute sidebar is a gruesome spectacle. The clip centers on an ambush of one of the multiverse’s countless Ricks, who (literally) disassembles an army of opposing Ninja Ricks in a very Lone Wolf and Cub manner. Even (Shogun) Morty gets in on the action. And while it’s still unclear when the show will return, Rick and Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland, is readying the premiere of his new animated series, Solar Opposites (arriving at Hulu on May 8th,) if you’re looking for some supplemental lockdown content.

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Watch the new Rick and Morty short below. Hold tight for their next transmission.

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