‘SNL’ Keeps Making Pete Davidson Do Eminem Impressions

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'SNL' Keeps Making Pete Davidson Do Eminem Impressions
Source: Youtube/NBC

“Two silicon boys were talking outside, talking outside, talking outside.”

Pete Davidson once again donned the bleached blond and beater combo to spoof a 20-year-old Eminem video on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

In a parody of the video for the Detroit rapper’s 2002 mega-hit “Without Me,” Davidson tried to wrap his brain around the recent NFT boom (with the rest of us,) listing off random memes that could be flipped on the nascent online market. The sketch also featured an appearance from Chris Redd as a pill-dealing Morpheus lookalike and Jack Harlow, a buzzing rapper who seems to have a more comprehensive understanding of non-fungible tokens than seasoned economist and newly-appointed US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen (played by the always great Kate McKinnon.)

Following a take on “Stan” from SNL‘s Christmas episode, the sketch marks the show’s second riff on a decades-old Eminem video in this season alone (both obviously starring Davidson.) Which could be an unfortunate trend or merely a sign of pandemic fatigue. Despite Maya Rudolph’s return to host, Saturday Night Live came back from a month-long hiatus to the season’s lowest ratings. But the show will have at least two more opportunities to figure it out this season. Next week, Daniel Kaluuya is set to make his SNL hosting debut with St. Vincent as his musical guest. And on April 10th, Carey Mulligan is set to host with Kid Cudi as her musical guest. Both Kaluuya and Mulligan are up for Oscars this year, the former for his role as Fred Hampton in the Judas and The Black Messiah and the latter for her performance in A Promising Young Woman. Suppose we’ll see if the Oscar buzz puts up some needed numbers.

Watch Pete Davidson spoof another Eminem video below. Head over to Peacock or Hulu to watch last night’s episode in its entirety.

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