Katt Williams Dons 6ix9ine’s Rainbow Hair, Blasts Trump in Deceptively Poignant Supreme Spot

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Katt Williams Dons 6ix9ine's Rainbow Hair, Blasts Trump in Deceptively Poignant Supreme Spot
Source: Instagram/Supreme

The comedian reemerges with a scathing take on the cultural and political upheaval of 2020 in Supreme’s latest spot.

Katt Williams swapped out his hallmark perm for a multicolored 6ix9ine-ish do in a deceptively poignant spot for Supreme.

Shared this morning on the streetwear juggernaut’s Instagram account, the six-minute-and-change clip tracks Williams from the green room to the stage, capturing a sobering abbreviated set from the comedian. In the brief monologue, Williams riffs on the many levels of Trump’s incompetence throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “Right now, we have a perfectly suitable clown running the free world,” Williams says with a half-straight face. “We’ve got a guy whose advice included things that no decent crackhead would tell you to do with a gunshot wound,” Williams adds as he notes the president’s comments on ingesting bleach and using UV light to treat the novel coronavirus.

Williams moves on to discuss Black Lives Matter (“Say it because it’s a fact”) and New York City’s “100,000 magnificent landmarks,” honing in on the city’s darkest open-air secrets and outing the disturbing history of The Bronx’s Hart Island, where, to this day, Ryker’s Island inmates are paid 50-cents per hour to bury the overflow of dead bodies from the city’s hospital system (half of which are under the age of five.) Williams caps his set by asking people to wear masks if they value their lives and walks off the stage after plainly stating, “I’ve already done more than an elected official.”

The comedian appeared draped in a grey suit with barbed wire patterning and a box log undershirt, but it’s unclear whether those items are part of a new collection from the brand.

Watch Katt Williams pick apart an impossible year in the video below.


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