Joe Biden is The Fly on Pence's Head in a Debate-Spoofing 'SNL' Cold Open
Joe Biden is The Fly on Pence's Head in a Debate-Spoofing 'SNL' Cold Open
Source: Youtube/NBC

Joe Biden is The Fly on Pence's Head in a Debate-Spoofing 'SNL' Cold Open

Jim Carrey reprised his role as the presidential candidate alongside Maya Rudolph's Emmy-winning Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden made an unexpected appearance in Saturday Night Live's spin on the heated VP debate last night.

Spoofing the showdown between the sitting and prospective vice presidents in the show's cold open, Maya Rudolph suited up for another run at her Emmy-winning role as Kamala Harris, facing off against Beck Bennet's a hapless and unwitting Mike Pence. The bout commenced with typical pageantry, Rudolph showcasing the full range of Harris' looks, Bennet addressing his role in leading the (failed) national response against the COVID-19 pandemic and his proximity to "patient zero." Mimicking the borderline cartoonish quality of the actual debate, both VPs dodged a number of softball questions, but somehow never missed an opportunity to jab at one another or their respective party platforms.

During a lull in the match, the camera cuts to Jim Carrey's Biden onlooking with his wife from their home. Scrambling to come up with a way to assist his running mate. Taking a cue from the David Cronenberg classic, The Fly, Biden leaps into a half-cooked teleportation machine, which transported the former vice president to the debate in the form of, you guessed it, the show-stealing fly that landed (and remained in place for what seemed like a lifetime) on Mike Pence's head during the debate.

Carrey debuted his take on Joe Biden during last week's cold open, squaring up with Alec Baldwin's recurring portrayal of Donald Trump in a recreation of the first (and potentially last) presidential debate.

Watch Joe Biden's surprise transformation in Saturday Night Live's cold open above. Tune in next week for a new episode of the show with Issa Rae making her debut as host and Justin Bieber sitting in as the musical guest.