Dave Chappelle Recounts a Wild Mushroom Trip in First Trailer for ‘The Midnight Miracle’ Podcast

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Dave Chappelle in the studio recording his upcoming podcast 'The Midnight Miracle'
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“It’s a good story because it was such a great fucking day.”

After weeks of wondering what a Dave Chappelle podcast might actually sound like, a new trailer for The Midnight Miracle has arrived.

In our first glimpse at the highly-anticipated show, the comedian recalls a wild mushroom-fueled adventure that took him from Central Park to a comedy club’s stage in a horse and carriage. “It’s a good story because it was such a great fucking day,” Chappelle opens, assuring the room it wasn’t the wrong type of trip. From there, Chappelle explains how a relaxing date in the park with his girlfriend and wife-to-be was derailed in the best kind of way after a dose of psilocybin hit. After crashing a group photo with a bunch of Germans playing softball in the park, Chappelle recounts hailing a buggy and slipping the driver $1,500 to take them around until the dose wore off. And there were pitstops, of course. First, to scoop a friend who lived in Greenwich Village, and then onward to the comedy club, where he learned, the mushrooms had not, in fact, worn off.

“I take the stage and I look at the crowd and I realize for the first time what it is I actually do for a living,” Chappelle tells the handful of people in the studio with him (including co-hosts Talib Kweli and yasiin bey, who appears to be beaming in via Zoom.) The comedian goes on to admit his only recourse was honesty and went on to explain to the crowd how he’d taken some mushrooms just a few hours prior. And it paid off, as he witnessed them light up at the confession after a rough “dear in headlights” start. “Once they were in on the joke and I knew we were on the same page, I was a courageous comedian and I swear to god for the next two hours — you’re only supposed to do a 20-minute spot, but you know, I was on one — I was the funniest man alive as far as I was concerned,” Chappelle recalls in the trailer before images documenting the shows creation begin flashing across the screen, revealing prospective guests like Chris Rock, Questlove, Jarobi White, and more. The trailer is scored by a rendition of Thelonious Monk’s classic “Round Midnight,” performed by Robert Glasper, Pino Palladino, and Justin Tyson.

The Midnight Miracle has yet to receive a proper release date, but that can’t be too far down the line now. Whenever it does finally premiere, you can hear/watch it exclusively via Luminary.

Hear Dave Chappelle tell the whole story in the first trailer for The Midnight Miracle below and hold tight for updates on the show’s release.


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