Adult Swim Unveils Action-Packed Trailer for ‘Blade Runner: Black Lotus’ Animated Series

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A first look at Elle, a new replicant featured in the upcoming Adult Swim animated series, Blade Runner: Black Lotus.
Source: Adult Swim/Youtube

A new replicant is on the loose in the first trailer for Adult Swim’s upcoming Blade Runner: Black Lotus animated series.

Adult Swim has unveiled an action-packed trailer for a new animated series based in the cyberpunk dystopia of Blade Runner.

In the first glimpse at Blade Runner: Black Lotus, we’re introduced to Elle (aka Black Lotus,) a new replicant with a special set of undisclosed abilities. Set in 2032, between the events of the original Ridley Scott film and those of its 2017 sequel Blade Runner 2049, Elle is on the loose, hellbent on exacting revenge on her creators, and discovering her dormant abilities. Against the familiar neon-lit backdrop of Neo Los Angeles, the trailer follows the replicant as she goes from being entirely unaware of her powers to hunting down authorities with a very swanky sword.

Elle is voiced by Jessica Henwick, who is set to appear in the upcoming reboot of The Matrix later this year. The show will also have a dedicated soundtrack, set for release on November 5th via ASG and Def Jam. Sadly, Flying Lotus, who scored the thrilling 2017 animated short, Blade Runner: Black Out 2022, is not involved in the latest chapter. However, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo director, Shinichiro Watanabe, is serving as a creative producer on the series, which will begin airing on Adult Swim and Crunchyroll on November 13th with a 13-episode season order, directed by Shinji Aramaki (of Appleseed, Evangelion: Another Impact, the new Ultraman series, and the latest Ghost In The Shell incarnation.)

Watch the new trailer for Blade Runner: Black Lotus below. Hold tight for the first episodes to drop on Adult Swim on November 13th.

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