Wade Robson Criticizes Dave Chappelle Over Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Jokes
Wade Robson Criticizes Dave Chappelle Over Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Jokes
Source: Netflix

Wade Robson Criticizes Dave Chappelle Over Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Jokes

Dave Chappelle Shares Trailer For New Netflix Special 'Sticks & Stones' Source: Netflix

Robson said that Chappelle's recently-released Netflix special is "disgusting, irresponsible and inexcusable."

Wade Robson, one of the two men who accused Michael Jacksonof sexual abuse in the Leaving Neverland documentary, has called out Dave Chappelle for jokes he made about the allegations against the late pop singer in his new comedy special Sticks & Stones.

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Speaking with TMZ, Robson said that the jokes trivialized sexual abuse and shames victims, as well as described the special as "disgusting, irresponsible and inexcusable."

"1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18, and considering their actions, Dave Chappelle, Netflix, and the Michael Jackson Estate, who have recently supported Chappelle's views, are part of the problem," Robson said. "I believe we can and should do better than this."

The Michael Jackson estate has since responded to Robson's criticisms of Chappelle's special.

In his new Netflix comedy special Sticks & Stones, Dave Chappelle discusses Michael Jackson's child sexual abuse allegations that resurfaced following the release of the Leaving Neverland documentary that dropped earlier this year.

While talking about Leaving Neverland and Jimmy Safechuck and Wade Robson, the two men who accused Jackson of sexual abuse, Chappelle said he doesn't "believe these motherf**kers," before also telling the audience not to watch the documentary. He also imagines a scenario where Jackson is guilty of the allegations made against him.

"I mean, it's Michael Jackson. I know more than half the people in this room have been molested in their lives, but it wasn’t no goddamn Michael Jackson, was it? This kid got his d**k sucked by the King of Pop. All we get is awkward Thanksgivings for the rest of our lives,” the comedian said. “You know how good it must have felt to go to school the next day after that s**t?”

“I know it seems harsh, but somebody’s gotta teach these kids. No such thing as a free trip to Hawaii. He’s going to want to look at your butthole or something,” he continued.

Chappelle also goes on to use Macaulay Culkin to defend the late Jackson. Culkin has said that the singer never abused him during their relationship.

“I’m not a pedophile. But if I was, Macaulay Culkin’s the first kid I’m f**king. I’ll tell you that right now,” the comedian said.

Source: TMZ