The Funniest NikeBoycott Videos
The Funniest NikeBoycott Videos
Source: Nike

MAGA Twitter Reacts to Colin Kaepernick-Led Nike Campaign By Destroying their Gear

The Funniest NikeBoycott Videos Source: Twitter

MAGA Twitter is taking a destroying their own clothes?

On Monday, September 3rd, Labor Day, Nike announced that exiled quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be the face of the company's "Just Do It" campaign, which is in its 30th year.

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Reaction to the news was mixed. While those who support Kap applauded Nike for going all in with the QB. Those who do not support Kap, and feel like he's disrespecting the flag every time he kneels during the anthem, had a very different reaction.

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There is a population of users on social media, mostly white Donald Trump supporters, aka MAGA Twitter, who have been destroying Nike gear in solidary. The goal: to send a message to Nike, despite the fact that they already spent money on the it doesn't really matter what they do with it.

The whole spectacle is funny to watch. (Also interesting to note, MAGA Twitter has trash taste in Nikes.)

Here are some of the funniest videos of MAGA Twitter destroying their Nike gear:

This one is sarcastic, but we would be remiss if we didn't include it:

And shout out to Kno, producer for CunninLynguists, who got in on some of the fun

And, finally, this person didn't destroy her Nikes...this is just a funny tweet.