Popular Brooklyn Biggie Mural To Be Destroyed By Landlord
Popular Brooklyn Biggie Mural To Be Destroyed By Landlord
Photo by Christa Lopez

UPDATE: Help Save The Brooklyn Biggie Mural By Signing A Petition

Popular Brooklyn Biggie Mural To Be Destroyed By Landlord Photo by Christa Lopez

UPDATE: Brooklyn's own Nia Raquelle has started a petition in hopes of saving the mural of the late, great Notorious B.I.G. With a goal of 1,000 signatures, the current stat stands at 820 signatures. As we encourage you all to sign and help them accomplish the goal, once that has been completed, the petition would then be delivered to the NYC Landmarks and Preservation Commission.

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A mural of the Notorious B.I.G. in his very own Brooklyn borough is going to be destroyed.

The Biggie mural, which was painted on the side of an apartment building on the corner of Bedford Avenue and Quincy Street in Bed-Stuy two years, is likely going to be removed by the building's landlord Samuel Berkowitz. Berkowitz wants to remove the mural so he can create windows for the apartments and increase rent prices.

"Why should I keep it," Berkowitz said in an interview with DNA Info. "I don't even see the point of the discussion. I could demolish the building if I wanted to, I don't need no permission from anyone except the DOB."

Berkowitz also stated that he has received complaints from the tenants about the mural because both Brooklyn residents and tourists alike often go to see the homage to the iconic New York rapper.

Spread Art NYC, an artist collective, attempted to come to a compromise with Berkowitz, the collective offering him $5,000 in cash to keep the mural. However, Berkowitz declined the offer, telling the collective that he would not destroy the mural if they paid him $1,250 a month.

"At this point, there is nothing Spread Art NYC can do to save this mural," the collective said in an Instagram post. However, the group ended its post on a positive note, writing "We always say, Brooklyn is Biggie and Biggie is Brooklyn. A landlord can never change that!"