Trump Demands Retribution for 'SNL' Cold Open, Claims They Are "The Real Collusion"

Trump Demands Retribution for 'SNL' Cold Open, Claims They Are "The Real Collusion" Source: Youtube/Saturday Night Live

Trump's a thick man with thin skin.

By now, it should be clear that, for better or worse, Saturday Night Live will take every opportunity they can get to flaunt Alec Baldwin's decent, at best, Trump impression. Last night, was no exception. The show's cold open featured a very predictable parody of Trump's national emergency declaration over a border wall that the majority of Americans -- 58%, according to a recent poll -- have no interest in building.

Naturally, amongst the sitting president's first sound-offs today (at eight o' clock in the fucking morning, no less) was the demand for retribution against a satirical sketch show, claiming SNL to be "the real collusion" (see below.) The president quickly followed up with his hallmark all-caps "THE RIGGED AND CORRUPT MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!" line.

It's also entirely possible that he was reacting to host Don Cheadle's not-so-subliminal jab at the president during the curtain call, seen wearing a USSR hockey jersey with Trump's name and the number 45 embroidered to its back. The retribution request echoes sentiments he'd expressed late last year when he called on the courts intervene after the show aired a sketch that presented a world that never endured Trump's presidency.

You can watch Saturday Night Live's cold open below along with a clip of Cheadle's closer.