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Come Cop Vintage The North Face Pieces at ‘The Prototype Bowl’

Come Cop Vintage The North Face Pieces at ‘The Prototype Bowl’

Source: The North Face


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The Prototype Bowl | 5.4.19 | 1-7PM | The North Face Prototype

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Come kick it with us this weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? If you have some extra cash in hand, stop by The North Face Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. On Saturday, May 4th, The North Face, in partnership with Okayplayer, will be hosting The Prototype Bowl, an all-day event that will be showcasing classic The North Face pieces. (And, yes, you can cop these pieces.)

The clothing is coming courtesy of eight NYC vintage collectors. The lists include Round 2 NYC, Jay Has Many Faces, Soulese, Thirsty from the Bronx, The North Face Prototype, BK the god, and FONG.

The event will be hosted by Luke Fracher, and music will come courtesy of Alec Lomami, Kittysayword, and Mlke Flo. There will be food from Cheeky’s Sandwiches. It should be a fun day.

Stop by. Here are the event details:

The Prototype Bowl

May 4th, 2019
1 pm to 7 pm
The North Face Store
134 N. 6th in Williamsburg
Brooklyn New York

Source: The North Face



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