You Won’t Believe the Resale Value of the Supreme Oreos

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Source: Supreme


Source: Supreme

The collaboration officially debuted on Thursday.

On Monday morning, The Supreme Saint posted an image of an Oreo cookie with the infamous Supreme box logo imprinted. Most social media users were (understandably) amused by the absurdity of the collaboration. However, the resale market seems to be a serious matter.

Supreme released the collaboration in its New York brick-and-mortar stores on Thursday. The collaboration includes three packs of cookies, for a modest $8. However, before the cookies even hit the stands, listings popped up on eBay. Four listings currently set a price at $2,000, and there are two listings where bidding has hit $4,000. As of Thursday afternoon, one listing with 45 bids has hit $5,100.

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The Nabisco x Supreme collaboration is part of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2020 drop. Other pieces include a Tupac hologram t-shirt, faux fur varsity jackets, and old-school Kangol hats. For the more fashionable handymen, the brand also released a workstation with Mac Tools.

Cookies will be available for purchase online next week. Images of the collaboration “leaked” this past summer on Reddit. “We really out here trying to legit check a cookie lol,” one amused user replied.

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Despite the majority of users’ confusion–or amusement–, the hype is real. Streetwear enthusiasts have bemoaned the absurdity of the resale market for the past few years. From the looks of things, this is proof the market will only get odder in the future.

H/T: New York Post

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