'Spider-Man' is at The Center of Sony's New Cinematic Universe

'Spider-Man' is at The Center of Sony's New Cinematic Universe

'Spider-Man' is at The Center of Sony's New Cinematic Universe

Source: Marvel/Sony Pictures

Spidey will grace big and small screens for the next 7 or 8 years.

With The Avengers finally winding down and the “Spider-Verse” freshly cracked open, Spider-Man is swinging into the spotlight.

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According to a recent profile in Variety, the adolescent web-slinger will be at the center of Sony’s new cinematic universe, which will include both film and televisions projects that tap nearly 900 characters associated with (owned by) Sony’s Spider-Man stake. Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman, Tony Vinciquerra, confirmed that the studio has “the next seven or eight years laid out,” but hasn’t resolved whether Marvel or Disney will necessarily play host to the upcoming franchises.

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No dates have been announced for any of the projects, but we do know (because, duh) that we’ll at least see Peter Parker return for the conclusion to the decade-long Avengers saga, as well as a sequel to 2017’s Homecoming. The animated Spider-Man film, Into The Spider-Verse (for which several sequels have already been announced,) was released in 2018 to critical and box office acclaim, netting over $360 million in global earnings.


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