Kanye West Chance the Rapper performing
Kanye West Chance the Rapper performing
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Sounds Like Chance the Rapper Wants to Vote for Kanye West

Chance The Rapper has sent out a number of tweets supporting a Kanye West presidential run.

Sounds like Chance The Rapper is all-in on a Kanye West presidential run.

Early on Monday morning, Kanye West released a new track called "Donda." The song was dedicated to his late mother Donda West, who died in 2007.

Kanye West tweeted out the song. And Chance publicly supported the tweet, saying "And yall out here tryna convince me to vote for Biden. Smfh."

(For some context: Earlier in the month, Kanye West announced that he wants to run for president. He went into detail about what a campaign and Kanye West presidency would look like.)

Chance's tweet did not go well.

A twitter user named TylerCosta420 asked Chance about a potential Kanye west presidency taking away from the liberal votes, giving Donald Trump the presidency this fall.

The Chicago rapper asked his followers about a two-party system. In the past Chance has questioned a two-party system.

Chance then got what he was trying to get across, which is unease about supporting Joe Biden, who is the democratic nominee.

A user also asked Chance about Kanye West's public announcement that he was anti-vaccination. Chance responded by trying to offer some context, mentioning the Tuskegee Experiment in the process.

Chance also mentioned Kanye's platform — even though Kanye has not talked about all of these things publically.

The general consensus is that Kanye West could take away Black voters from Joe Biden — who has publically said that if you don't vote for him you're not Black — even if there isn't any polling out there that backs this up. 

President Donald Trump has tweeted this theory himself. Responding to a tweet about Kanye taking votes from Biden, Trump said "This shouldn't be hard. Corrupt Joe has done nothing good for Black people!"