RZA Man at AC3
RZA Man at AC3
Photo Credit: Shaughn Cooper

Despite Lawsuits, RZA Says Wu-Tang Clan is As Close as Ever

RZA is the latest guest of Rick Rubin's Broken Record podcast.

The latest episode of Rick Rubin's Broken Record podcast dropped Tuesday. Wu-Tang Clan architect RZA joined Rubin to speak about quarantine, childhood stories, and more. Stream the full interview above.

Along the way, Rubin asked if RZA would ever produce for the Wu again. In a recent interview, Masta Killa said Bobby Digital should be in charge of any new Wu releases. If it were to happen, he responded, the group would have to record with each other like back in the old days.

The conversation led to Rubin asking about the group's relationship as of late. Despite a pending lawsuit from U-God, RZA says the group is closer than ever. He took things a step further with a story from a tour last year.

"Always at peace," he explained. "We are a brotherhood. My best example...U-God is suing me, right? This has been going on for three years. We were in Australia last year at the Sydney Opera House. He gets there and his card doesn't work."

RZA took care of the issue, causing GZA to explicitly acknowledge the aforementioned brotherhood.

"GZA's like, 'Only Wu could do that," RZA recalled, "this nigga's suing you, and you're feeding him and lending him money.' I said that's business, I love this man."

"We have that love for each other," he continued. "I think our parents would be proud that this was a community, it wasn't just a bunch of guys."