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Ruff Ryder Founders Explain Reasons For Jay Z and DMX Past Beef

Ruff Ryder Founders Explain Reasons For Jay Z and DMX Past Beef

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The founders of Ruff Ryders recently joined The Breakfast Club.

On Tuesday, Power 105’s The Breakfast Club dropped its latest episode. This time around, the founders of Ruff Ryders–Joaquin “Waah” Dean, Darin “Dee” Dean, and Chivon Dean–came together to discuss the label’s history, roster, and more. Stream the full interview below.

Nearly an hour into the interview, a lesser-known topic arose. While they’re currently on good terms, DMX and Jay-Z weren’t always so cordial with each other. Despite their previous working relationship, DMX wasn’t pleased with Jay’s actions while serving as president as Def Jam. According to the label’s founders, there was a simple explanation for the tension.

“Egos,” said Chivon Dean. Waah continued to explain that X wasn’t satisfied with how Jay was using his influence as Def Jam president. “Jay Z called X and told him “the inmates have took over the prison,” he said. “When your man Jay Z got in position X felt like he didn’t honor him and hold weight like he was supposed to.”

The group also discussed the infamous battle between the two MCs from 1993. According to Dee, the battle made their relationship a bit awkward once Jay took the helm as president.

“In [DMX]’s mind he was like, “I won’t, I’m better than you,” Dee said. “So when Hov wound up being president at Def Jam he felt like he had to answer to him and X didn’t like that. He felt some type of way about Hov dictating his future.”

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DMX eventually left Def Jam, signing with Columbia Records in 2006.


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