Raphael Saadiq Receives First-Ever Oscar Nomination For 'Mudbound' Song

Raphael Saadiq Receives First-Ever Oscar Nomination For 'Mudbound' Song

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Source: NME

Raphael Saadiq has received an Oscar nomination for co-writing the song “Mighty River” from Mudbound. The nomination serves as Saadiq’s first and is shared with co-songwriters Mary J. Blige (who is also one of the film’s stars) and his frequent collaborator Taura Stinson.

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“I couldn’t be more surprised or thrilled that ‘Mighty River’ got a nomination,” Saadiq said in a statement. “Working with Mary J. Blige and Taura Stinson is always a breeze, they are very talented. I am truly blessed.”

Saadiq, who also serves as music supervisor on Issa Rae‘s Insecure, spoke with Rae about the music of the series last year and how he would describe it in three words.

“All West Coast,” Saadiq responds.

Saadiq also made an appearance in the music video for Little Dragon’s “Peace of Mind.”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Little Dragon vocalist Yukimi Nagano talked about the track and how the band did not know what to do with it, sending it on to Saadiq who returned with something that the band “really resonated with.” From there, Nagano wanted Evans to feature on the track but was unsure that the R&B singer would be interested in being a part of it. However, Evans’ children convinced her to be on the song, with Nagano recounting: “Apparently her kids knew who we were, and they were like, ‘No, no. You should do it.'”

“It was kind of like a dream come true,” Nagano said. “I still can’t really get that it happened, and when I listen to the song I feel really honored to be on the same track as her.”


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