92nd annual academy awards red carpet
92nd annual academy awards red carpet
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Help Questlove Find the Woman Who Started His Record Collection in 1976

Questlove told the story of how his collection began over the weekend.

On Saturday, Questlove shared a personal childhood story with his followers. The tale begins back in 1976 in a nightclub in Portland, Maine, with a 5-year-old Quest joining his musician parents as they played their sets.

"My era was pre-babysitters," he wrote. "In my day you went to work or you became part of the act. I'd sit in the nightclub as a 5-year-old while my parents did their 2 sets. Being the irresistible cat that I was, I talked an older women named Ellie into buying me a stereo and a record collection."

Quest named three records: "Bad Blood" by Sedaka, "Dance With Me" by Rufus, and the Jackson Five. "I truly didn't think she was coming back the next day," he continued. "I knew talking to strangers was a no no but my instincts paid off...I was five so I didn't think anything was coming of this."

His parents, however, were less than enthused about the purchase.

"My parents were heated," he said. "But she pleaded on my behalf "please don't have him get in trouble on my behalf! He's so cute of course I wanted to start his record collection!" Whatever she pleaded saved my behind that night cause Black parents don't play [with] talking to strangers."

Now, Questlove is looking to return the favor. He's asking if anyone knows his benefactor, named Ellie. Contact Quest on Instagram or Facebook if you have any leads on the case.