Procter & Gamble Earns Support, Boycott For 'The Talk' Commercial

Procter & Gamble Earns Support, Boycott For 'The Talk' Commercial

Proctor & Gamble's New Commercial Highlights Being Black In America

Source: YouTube

The commercial is a part of Procter & Gamble’s “My Black is Beautiful” campaign.

Titled “The Talk,” the two-minute commercial finds black mothers speaking to their children about growing up in America and addresses everything from racial bias and Western beauty standards to police brutality.

“You are not pretty ‘for a black girl,'” a mother tells her young daughter as she fixes her hair in the mirror. “You are beautiful. Period.”

In another part of the commercial, a mother talks to her teenage daughter about driving for the first time and what to do when she gets pulled over.

“Baby, this is not about you getting a ticket,” the mother responds after her daughter tells her to not worry. “This is about you not coming home.”

The commercial, which originally dropped on Procter & Gamble’s Facebook page back in late July, has received a number of comments both supporting and opposing it, with some going so far as to say that the commercial “bashes police.”

However, Procter & Gamble chief brand officer Marc Pritchard stands behind the campaign and its highlighting of black beauty in media, as well as celebrating black community and culture.

“What ‘The Talk’ enables people to do is to have conversations about bias, and when you have conversations and promote dialogue, that promotes understanding,” Pritchard said to CBS News.

Aside from “The Talk,” Procter & Gamble said it will produce similar films that focus on issues like gender inequality in the future.

Watch the video below.

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