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New Gatorade Ad Is Beyoncé's Ode To Serena Williams

"Love Means Everything" in a new Beyoncé-narrated Gatorade advertisement in tribute to Serena Williams playing her final U.S. Open.

Renaissance singer-songwriter and music icon Beyoncé pays tribute to longtime friend Serena Williams in a new Gatorade advertisement. The commercial spot titled “For Serena, With Love," which debuted during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (August 28), features Queen Bey speaking on Williams' extensive tennis career. The clip comes just weeks after the 98-time Wimbledon winner announced her retirement from the sport.

“When the world writes her down in history, we’ll begin where she started: at love,” Beyoncé begins in her narration. “No points, zero score — just love. It’s a love that we’ll remember through the generations, a love that started a movement, a movement to always love exactly who you are and who you can be. To be so in love with your identity that your very essence cannot be contained. To love the sound of your own voice and the way you move. To feel like a queen unapologetically, with a crown indefinitely. To cherish every muscle and every curve your body exhibits. A movement to always love being a proud Black woman, a parent, a dreamer, a leader. To love being one of a kind. To always love being you. The whole you. The real you. You. You. You. To always love you.

“So when we write her down in history, no matter who you are, no matter where you are, we’ll remember what she’s shown us,” Beyoncé concludes. “A movement to love you.”

On Monday night (August 29), Williams the first match in what will likely be her final U.S. Open. At the Arthur Ashe Stadium, Williams won a 6-3 victory over Montenegrin tennis player Danka Kovinić, with the game attended by Laverne Cox, Mike Tyson, Queen Latifah and Williams' 4-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. On Wednesday, Williams will open doubles play with her older sister Venus Williams.

Watch the full Gatorade ad below.