Marvel Sends Props from Canceled Netflix Shows to Auction

Marvel Sends Props from Canceled Netflix Shows to Auction

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Source: Netflix

Costumes and set pieces from Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil, are headed to the highest bidder.

Marvel‘s days on Netflix aren’t entirely over. But they are numbered.

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Last year, the streaming service announced the cancelation of its full line of Marvel shows. With Jessica Jones entering a third and final season this year, the comic book giant’s transition to full-on Disney property will be complete. And though they’ll remain exclusive to Netflix until 2020 (per a Variety report,) it’ll be just in time for the launch of a proprietary streaming service from The Mouse with damn-near every major film and TV title under the fucking sun.

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As a conciliation to anyone mourning the departure of their canceled TV franchises, Marvel is auctioning off props and costumes from Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil, this summer. Partnering with Prop Store, an online auction will be held on August 1st featuring over 750 items from the dearly departed franchises, including, but certainly not limited to, Luke’s bullet-peppered hoodie, Danny’s yellow mask, Pop’s swear jar, and most impressively, Misty’s bionic arm.

You can see the full inventory here.

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