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Mach-Hommy and Westside Gunn Tour Brooklyn in the "Folie A Deux" Video

Mach-Hommy drops the first set of visuals from Pray for Haiti.

On Monday, the Griselda onslaught continued as Newark MC Mach-Hommy dropped the video for "Folie à Deux," from his latest album Pray for Haiti. The track features Westside Gunn, who executive produced the album, and Keisha Plum. Check out the new video below.

The Pray for Haiti album came as a relief for longtime Griselda fans. The project is Gunn and Mach's first time working together since the masked rapper's Haitian Body Odor album in 2016. Mach-Hommy has pledged 20 percent of the proceeds from the album towards the Pray for Haiti Trust Fund, meant to improve schools in Port-au-Prince. Mach cited Western relief campaigns like the Red Cross' $500 million donation after the 2010 earthquake. In 2015, journalists from NPR and ProPublica learned most of the half-billion dollars raised never made its way to residents.

"For too many years, I’ve had countless heartfelt conversations with esteemed members of the Haitian Diaspora, and the best way to get charitable donations directly to the people,” Mach said in a statement. "Far too many of us can recall the millions of telethon dollars ‘pledged’ and, according to all major media accounts, not actually ‘donated’ to those in need. Especially after the 2010 earthquake, I for one feel a bit robbed of momentum when petty non-profit hustlers use the plight of Haitian people as cannon fodder for Western media feeds and tickers."