A LEGO Black Panther Movie Will Be Released Next Year

A LEGO Black Panther Movie Will Be Released Next Year


Source: Marvel

A Black Panther-based LEGO movie was announced during Comic-Con on Sunday, the last day of the comic book convention.

The announcement was made by Marvel’s VP of Animation Cort Lane during a panel discussion.  

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The working title of the film is Black Panther: Trouble In Wakanda, and it is expected to be a straight to DVD release. The movie has a tentative release of 2018. (Probably after the release of MARVEL’s Black Panther, which comes out in February.)

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The LEGOS franchise has been a hugely productive entity, making a number of theatrical and straight to video films and TV shows. This includes a number of superhero based films, from the feature film The LEGO Batman Movie to the TV series LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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