Jordan Peele Reveals Which 'Get Out' Scene Made Him Cry

Jordan Peele Reveals Which 'Get Out' Scene Made Him Cry

Watch Jordan Peele Explain The Eight-Year Process Of Making 'Get Out'

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Although there are moments of comic relief in Jordan Peele‘s Get Out, the film isn’t anywhere close to being a comedy. 

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While speaking at the 2018 Writers Guild Association Beyond Words Panel in Los Angeles, Peele revealed the one scene in the film that left him in tears.

“There was a point in the process where I got to something that was very vulnerable. The fun evolved into tears,” Peele said according to Cinema Blend. “I mean, when I was writing the scene about Chris in the hypnosis and The Sunken Place, I ended that day crying, and it was a cathartic thing. I wouldn’t describe it as fun.”

Honestly, it’s understandable as to why that would be the scene that led to Peele crying. After all, it’s the first moment where we realize that all isn’t right with the Armitage family, as Missy Armitage hypnotizes her daughter’s boyfriend, Chris, and sends him into The Sunken Place for the first time.

In another recent interview, Peele revealed that he once gave up his dream to be a director.

“I left my dream of being a director behind long ago, and I think that was because, while I have a great respect for film, I didn’t really believe there was a place for very many black directors,” Peele said to the Los Angeles Times. “I thought it would be harder for me as a person of color to convince someone to let me use their money to make a movie. Many years later after an odyssey through acting and comedy, I came back to my original dream. And the fact that it’s been received the way it has been received teaches me a lot about how I internalized the system.”

Get Out for four awards is up including Best Pictures at this year’s Oscars.

Source: Cinema Blend

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