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John Dessereau Illustrates The Monster-Like Characteristics Of Trump’s Cabinet

John Dessereau Illustrates The Monster-Like Characteristics Of Trump’s Cabinet

Illustration by John P. Dessereau

The Trump administration is essentially a real life team of horror movie monsters and this artist has perfectly captured that with this collection of drawings.

The set features eight drawings with everything from Kellyanne Conway as the Bride of Frankenstein and Donald Trump as Frankenstein, to Steve Bannon as the Creature From the Black Lagoon and Mike Pence as Dracula.

The drawings are made by John P. Dessereau, who has done a number of the Roots Picnic posters throughout the years.

If you have been keeping up (or rather trying, considering something problematic happens within the Trump administration each day) with the news the most recent report has been Mike Flynn requesting immunity, in exchange to be interviewed in regards to the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

However, Flynn’s request was rejected by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

With all of the controversy surrounding Trump’s presidency, it is understandable why his latest approval ratings are low.

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According to the Gallup presidential tracker Trump is now at 35 percent, which is the lowest figure he has gotten since taking office. The rating comes on the 69th day of Trump’s first term, which is a record speed for a first-term president.

Check out Dessereau’s set of artwork here.


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