Joe Budden Fires Podcast Co-Hosts Rory & Mal Live On-Air

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Joe Budden confirmed fans’ suspicions after the hosts recent absence.

For the past few months, fans of The Joe Budden Podcast have been confused about the prolonged absence of longtime co-hosts Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay. After the two missed multiple recent episodes, fans suspected they had been fired from the show. They then returned for the May 1st episode, but the show took a week-long hiatus after that. In a new episode of the podcast, Budden confirmed the news, posting a new episode where he essentially fires the hosts live on-air. Find the full episode, titled “You Want it to Be One Way,” on Budden’s Patreon.

According to Joe, the disconnect stemmed from Rory and Mal’s desire for some sort of ownership of the show. The two co-hosts wanted Budden audited, which sent him over the edge. Additionally, the New Jersey MC alleged that his rekindled relationship with DJ Akademiks played a part in the breakup.

“You n—-s can audit, you n—-s can sue, you’re gonna lose,” he said. “Rory thought that our friendship was in turmoil because I may work with Akademiks again in the future,” he said. “I’m sorry if they feel that’s an indictment against our friendship.”

“Rory feels like he has so many options here,” Budden said 22 minutes into the show, in a studio with two conspicuously empty seats. “Somehow still feels like he’s running the show [and] he still feels like he has choices and options, he feels like he’s entitled to more,” Budden said. “Rory, you are in breach of your contract. And from this point forward, you are fired and you are not welcome back.”



Many lamented the move (that most people saw coming for months now), accusing Budden for going back on his word about creating content and giving equity to creators. One Twitter user accused him of going against “everything [he] preached.” “I’m phony,” Budden replied. When another user said he’d need help, because he can’t keep destroying everything he builds, Budden replied “Yes I can.”




In the evening, Rory responded to his end of his time on the podcast. He took the highroad, thanking the fans for support.

Mal has not responded publicly to the podcast.

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