J. Cole
Photo Credit: @princess_simba (Twitter)

J. Cole Keeps Longtime Promise To Fan And Attends Her College Graduation

After promising to attend the college graduation of fan Cierra Bosarge-Fussell, J. Cole appeared at her Rowan University ceremony on Wednesday.

J. Cole fan Cierra Bosarge-Fussell got the surprise of a lifetime this week. On Wednesday, the rapper was spotted at the Rowan University graduation ceremony, keeping his vow to attend her college graduation after promising he would almost a decade ago . In 2013, Bosarge-Fussell had a conversation with Cole via Twitter DM, after calling a radio station in hopes that the North Carolina rapper would wish her a happy birthday.

Three months after their initial conversation, Bosarge-Fussell – who was attending high school in Glassboro, New Jersey at the time – received a call from Cole, who invited her to meet in-person. Upon meeting in Philadelphia, Bosarge-Fuller handed the artist a hearfelt letter, according to Complex.

"In the letter it says all I went through," Bosarge-Fuller explained. "With being adopted, my parents being hooked on drugs, in and out of prison. At the time both parents were in prison so I asked him could he come to my graduation since they can't."

Cole kept his word. On Twitter, Bosarge-Fuller celebrated Cole attending her college graduation, even captioning their pictures with lyrics from his 2011 hit "Nobody's Perfect."

“Keeping your word means everything to me,” Bosarge-Fuller tweeted. “Not a lot of people do so i’m forever grateful to the ones that always show up for me. no excuses.”

Cole's manager, Ibrahim Hamad, also gave Bosarge-Fuller words of encouragement. “Congrats on your accomplishment, you deserve it!! Love to see it,” he tweeted.