The 2021 Oscars’ Best Moment, Glenn Close Twerking To “Da Butt,” Was Scripted

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The 2021 Oscars' Best Moment, Glenn Close Twerking To "Da Butt," Was Scripted
Photo Credit: Screengrab via ABC

Glenn Close stole the show as she did the “Da Butt” dance during a “name that song” segment at this year’s Oscars.

The 2021 Oscars‘ best moment came unexpectedly in the night when Glenn Close twerked to Experience Unlimited’s “Da Butt” during a “name that song” segment.

The moment, according to the Los Angeles Times, came about during an unexpected break during the event, where Lil Rel Howery picked different nominees to identify a song from a film soundtrack, and guess if it received an Oscar nomination or win the year it was released. Questlove was behind playing the selected tracks.

Well, Close was chosen and paired with “Da Butt,” which appeared in the 1988 Spike Lee film School Daze. Close goes on to correctly identify the song and the group behind it, even shouting out frontman Gregory “Sugar Bear” Elliot, too (she also shouted out fellow D.C.-based go-go band the BackYard Band), before shading the Oscars for not nominating the song. But the moment that truly stole the show was when Howery asked Close if she knew the “Da Butt” dance, to which she stood up and did the dance.

As expected, the moment became viral on social media, with people reacting to it on Twitter.

As the Times also noted, the moment was unfortunately scripted. But that doesn’t mean that Close living out our post-pandemic dreams of twerking in a public space for all to see was for not, because a lot of people enjoyed it. The Oscars tend to be so stiff and unfunny generally, and to have this moment shows that the awards ceremony could use some more comedic parts like this. Also, maybe consider just making Quest your permanent DJ, too.

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