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Eric Andre's First Stand-Up Special 'Legalize Everything' Coming to Netflix

The comic's special will hit streaming on June 23.

Fans of Eric Andre have even more to look forward to. On Wednesday afternoon, Andre took to Instagram to announce his first standup comedy special is on the way.

The special will arrive on June 23, Just months after the premiere of his prank movie Bad Trip, co-starring Tiffany Haddish. The film is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Sometime this year, Season 5 of The Eric Andre Show will arrive on Adult Swim.

Back in March, Andre spoke with Den of Geek about the upcoming season. Specifically, he revealed the lengths he went to in order to disguise himself from the public while filming.

"I put on twenty pounds," he said. "Got rid of all my body hair, shaved my head--I kept my eyebrows--but I Bic'd my head bald...I did a ton of tanning, I sat in many tanning beds."

This time around, the show's celebrity guests have even less of an idea of what's to come.

"We would very reluctantly or not at all tell the celebrity guests the name of the show," he continued. "So they'd just come in blind. However, we had these pranks that were foolproof and were going to get a big reaction out of people, whether they were familiar with the show or not. It doesn’t matter once rats and locusts are falling on you."

While away from his beloved show, Andre also released an album titled Cease & Desist under the name of BLARF.


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