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Donald Glover Has Started Filming For ‘Atlanta’s’ Second Season

Donald Glover Has Started Filming For ‘Atlanta’s’ Second Season

Donald Glover Drops New Promo For FX Series 'Atlanta'
Source: YouTube
Donald Glover Drops New Promo For FX Series 'Atlanta'
Source: YouTube

Filming for the second season of Donald Glover’s Atlanta has started.

According to a report from Atlanta magazine, crews were seen in Mechanicsville (a neighborhood of Atlanta) between September 20 and 22, and at an office building in East Point on the 22nd. On September 25, signs were spotted leading to Southlake Mall.

Also currently filming in ATL is Netflix’s Nappily Ever After, which tells the story of a woman who leaves her live-in boyfriend after he just won’t commit. Production for the project toward the end of August, with the most recent filming happening on September 20.

A casting call for the second season was also recently released, with the notice calling for “tan caucasians,” “trashy white characters,” and a “caucasian mom” whose job will be “cheering on someone getting beat up,” among others. If you live in the ATL you might want to give the casting call a look.

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Glover has remained cryptic on what will be featured in the show’s second season but said he will be able to better relate to his character Earnest Marks now that he is a father (Marks is an aspiring rap manager as well as a parent).

“I don’t want to go into season two [with the mindset of] ‘Enough people liked it so just keep those people,’ because then you begin to give your audience a methadone drip of bullshit that keeps them happy as opposed to, ‘We did something controversial and more people were interested,'” he said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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During this year’s 69th annual Emmys, Glover received the Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series award, which marks the first time a black director has received the award in that category.

“This really belongs to Hiro Murai,” Glover said. “He taught me everything about directing. He had the eye for this show and he’s just amazing. I really want to give this to Hiro and just say ‘I love you and thank you for being my best friend.'”

Source: atlantamagazine.com


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