Donald Glover Making New Animated 'Deadpool' TV Series
Donald Glover Making New Animated 'Deadpool' TV Series
Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Donald Glover Discusses 'Atlanta', Meeting Billy Dee Williams In New Interview

Donald Glover Making New Animated 'Deadpool' TV Series Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The candid Hollywood Reporter cover story has Donald Glover discussing his ascent and becoming the multi-talented creative he has become known as.

The past couple of years has been monumental for Glover. Last year saw the release of his critically-acclaimed television series Atlanta. Following that came the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming (which he plays a small but important role in the film), as well as announcements ranging from his casting as a young Lando Calrissian in an untitled Han Solo movie to being in charge of an animated Deadpool television series for FXX (alongside brother Stephen).

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Now, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Glover discusses his rise as well as his plans for the future. Below are different topics discussed during the interview (although we definitely encourage you to read the interview in its entirety).

On meeting Billy Dee Williams about portraying young Lando:

I was like, 'I've always felt like this character could do this, and he represents this, and I kind of feel like he comes from here, and it's very obvious he has a lot of taste, so maybe he grew up seeing that from afar? Because I'm like that. Maybe he saw it from other planets and was like, 'I want to be that.' He just let me ramble on and on, and then finally I was like, 'So, what do you think?' And he goes, 'Yeah, I don't know about all that. Just be charming.'

On being raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and growing up with his siblings and various foster care kids his parents took in:

I saw kids dying of AIDS in our house. I saw people getting stabbed. I saw drug dealers stealing people's address books so they could get to my house because people [there] owed them money...I wanted to build my own world because then you get to make the world a little safer.

On being the only black writer for the TV series 30 Rock:

Being the only black writer, you're sort of like, 'Why am I really here?' he remembers thinking, before his father set him straight. He'd say to me, 'They're not hiring a bunch of these black kids from middle of nowhere Georgia; there's a reason you're here.'

Check out the rest of the interview here.