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This Interview Of Donald Glover Interviewing Himself Is A Lot

Interviewing himself for Interview Magazine, Donald Glover touched on a number of topics including Atlanta and Dave comparisons and much more.

It's Donald Glover on Donald Glover. In a candid (and pretty absurd) interview for Interview Magazine, the Atlanta star spoke with himself about his three children, being on his farm, and elaborated on his disdain for Atlanta being compared to the Lil Dicky-led series Dave.

After asking himself if he dislikes Dave, Glover denied he does.

"No! I like that show. But it does bother me when Atlanta’s compared to it," Glover said, adding that he thought of Dave "like food." The creative multi-hyphenate then asked himself if he meant Dave was "a different flavor."

"No. Although I do feel like the flavor is artificial in some sense," Glover said. "The organic show should be about a white rapper who’s more successful than his Black peers from the jump. Because he’s more accessible. But what he actually wants is to be part of the culture, but his success keeps him from that and a lot of his Black peers and friends resent him for it but also feel like they have to fuck with him because it’s good for them. That’s the internal struggle I see. Anyway."

After calling the "Donald version of Dave" "sadder," he also considered that his idea could be "pretentious" to some.

"No, it should be what it is," Glover said in acceptance of Dave. "Like, people think I’m pretentious. I can be a snob. But I think in entertainment or art it’s important to know the difference between things. Like, Anthony Bourdain wasn’t pretentious, but he definitely knew the difference between a dry aged wagyu and a smash burger. Neither is better or worse than the other. They’re just different experiences. And I wouldn’t want to have either every day. But I would never confuse the two. I expect the same of my audience."

Elsewhere in the interview, the Atlanta creator compared Because of the Internet to Radiohead's OK Computer, spoke further on his Atlanta and Sopranos comparison, cancel culture, and much more. Recently, Atlanta made its season three premiere, with the first episode referencing the real-life tragedy of the Hart Family murders.