Donald Glover Talks ‘Atlanta’, ‘Spider Man’, ‘Star Wars’ and Chance The Rapper Project

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Donald Glover Talks 'Atlanta', 'Spider Man' and Chance The Rapper Collabo Project
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Donald Glover Talks 'Atlanta', 'Spider Man' and Chance The Rapper Collabo Project

“We’ll see what happens”

With a grip of high-profile film projects in production, Donald Glover sightings will be getting fewer and farther between in the months (potentially years) ahead. So let’s be sure to savor the moment while we still have it. In a recent interview with Big Boy, Glover was probed about all of his forthcoming movie world endeavors, speaking (very) briefly on his role as Lando in an upcoming Star Wars picture, as well as his crowd-approved spot in the new Spider Man reboot (though he was particularly tight-lipped about the latter.)

Then, of course, the lens pans to his much fussed over collaborative project with Chance The Rapper, to which he expressed a fair amount of interest, but was unable to confirm whether we’d ever actually see this thing out in the world. His only concrete response: “we’ll see what happens.” Hear the entirety of the new Donald Glover interview down below and catch him live and direct at Governor’s Ball in June. Pick up a copy of “Awaken, My Love!” on iTunes today or pick up your copy of the virtual reality vinyl at The Shop.

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