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DJ Quik Said His Mom Stopped Him From Joining Suge Knight on Night of 2Pac Shooting

DJ Quik revealed to Los Angeles Times that his mother stopped him from joining Suge Knight on the evening of 2Pac's fatal shooting in 1996.

DJ Quikavoided a brush with death in 1996. While celebrating "Momma Day" in a recent Los Angeles Times profile, the Compton rapper-producer revealed that his late mother, Delma Armstrong, stopped him from going with Suge Knight to attend the Mike Tyson boxing match on September 7th, 1996.

Apparently, Armstong's mother's intuition kicked in — while riding with Knight after the fight at MGM Grang, 2Pac sat in the passenger seat of the BMW when a drive-by shooter pulled up and opened fire. Hit four times, 2Pac died at University Medical Center of Southern Nevada less than a week later.

Quik recalled the night of the shooting and how his mother stepped in.

“My mom was so gangster. She made Suge and them leave when they tried to get me to come with them to the Tyson fight that night," Quik said. "She said, ‘If y’all don’t get away from my muthafuckin' door I’m gonna start blastin’. I’mma call the police first then shoot y’all in y’all muthafuckas' ass.’ She had all the guns.”

Quik also gave props to new Death Row Records owner, Snoop Dogg, who acquired the label in February.

"The old Snoop bought the young Snoop’s work. He didn’t let it keep changing hands with other people eating off of him. Now he can eat off of what we call his “stick man” — his incorporation. He incorporates Death Row, he incorporates himself."