Dave Chappelle Says His Son Was Tear Gassed At A Protest In Ohio
Dave Chappelle Says His Son Was Tear Gassed At A Protest In Ohio
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Dave Chappelle Says His Son Was Tear Gassed At A Protest In Ohio

Dave Chappelle shared the news during an impromptu comedy event in Yellow Springs.

Dave Chappelle recently held two impromptu comedy events in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where he, along with other comedians, performed for an intimate crowd.

According to Dayton.com, Chappelle held a pop-up event on Saturday (June 6) titled Dave Chapelle & Friends: A Talk with Punchlines, which started at 9 pm and went on until midnight. He held a similar event on Monday (June 8) and, according to an event link on Eventbrite, will be hosting another one on Thursday (June 11). As Dayton.com noted, both events were invitation only (approximately 100 people were present at both), but it seems this forthcoming one isn't, considering tickets are being sold for $150 (the price includes two tickets).

Dayton.com spoke with people who were in attendance for the events, where they spoke about who performed alongside Chappelle (Michelle Wolf and Gabe Kea, a comedian from Cincinnati), the atmosphere of the event and what Chappelle discussed. Per Dayton.com:

"Dave spoke about current events that no one has heard him say before," Raymond G. Howard of Dayton explained to us. "Trump, George Floyd, racism, his Netflix specials, a restraining order against a man from Fairborn, and his son getting tear gassed in Beavercreek at a protest."

Several attendees mentioned that Chappelle ended the night on a serious note as he expressed his feelings on the murder of George Floyd, the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. "It was so intense to see the emotion on his face from such a close distance,' Keith Klein of Dayton described to us. "It was a powerful and moving moment, especially with everything going on in the world right now."

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