Experience The Behind-The-Scenes Looks For Dave Chappelle At Radio City
Experience The Behind-The-Scenes Looks For Dave Chappelle At Radio City
Photo Credit: Ginny Suss for Okayplayer

Dave Chappelle Set to Host Post-Election 'Saturday Night Live' Episode

A musical guest has yet to be announced.

Dave Chappelle is headed back to Saturday Night Live to console the country following this Tuesday's presidential election.

Announced midway through last night's episode, the comedian will return to Studio 8H to host SNL on November 7th. The musical component of next week's episode has yet to be revealed, but on Chappelle's debut as host in 2016, which also lined up with a pivotal Election Day, A Tribe Called Quest joined the comedian for his inaugural outing.

Chappelle's first run on Saturday Night Live also featured a mostly great, but somewhat contentious monologue (infamously wishing Trump luck in the White House,) as well as a cameo from Chris Rock, who hosted the season premiere of this season and joined the comedian and Tracey Morgan in crashing Eddie Murphy's triumphant return to the show at the end of last year.

The comedian's sophomore hosting gig arrives on the heels of winning a Grammy and two Emmys for the 2019 Netflix stand-up special, Stick & Stones. In his acceptance speech for the pair of Emmy awards, Chappelle took the stage at a venue in his hometown of Yellow Springs, OH to blast critics of the special. "I hope all you critics learn from this. This is a teachable moment. Shut the fuck up forever," the comedian jabbed in a clip posted to Instagram following the ceremony. Chappelle's latest special, 8:46, is a sobering 30-minutes of riffing on the country's history of police violence and not feeling compelled to lead a movement on account of his age alone, expressing confidence in the young activists and artists at the forefront of Black Lives Matter.

Last night's episode was hosted by John Mulaney with The Strokes serving as musical guest. You can watch it in full via Hulu or Peacock today.