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Black Thought, J.Period, and Dave Chappelle Come Together For "All In Your Head" Performance

Dave Chappelle, Black Thought, and J.Period connect for the latest episode of The Tonight Show.

On Wednesday night, J.Period was the musical guest for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The Brooklyn-bred DJ performed "All In Your Head," bringing along Black Thought and Tiffany Gouche for the performance. Dave Chappelle, who narrates J. Period's new album Story to Tell, even introduced the group via video before the show. Stream the full performance below.

"Beyond grateful to have this epic dream team for our debut performance on The Tonight Show," J. Period wrote on Instagram. "Salute the GOAT @BlackThought, the angel-voiced Tiffany Gouche, Dave Chappelle and The Legendary Roots Crew! Last night was a dream. Thank you to everyone who made this moment possible!"

Three weeks ago, J. Period spoke with Flood Magazine about how "All in Your Head" came about. He revealed that the song was born from DJ Jazzy Jeff's Playlist Retreat.

There’s this part at the end of the retreat where you break off into groups," he explained. "He’ll pair very different artists together and your job is to go and make a song in 24 hours. The original, raw elements of that track were in that challenge. While I was working on the beat, I was sort of the producer on my squad of artists. Kaidi Tatham, who plays bass on it, walked by and was like, “Ooh. I can hear a groove in my head on that. Can I get on it?” I was like, “Bet.” So Kaidi places his bass, and then Tiffany walks by. She was like, “Ooh. I’ve got an idea for that. Can I get on it?” She just felt the spirit of what was there and those words came to her in that moment. That’s just what Tiffany does, which is amazing about her."