This Alternate Ending For ‘Get Out’ Is Absolutely Depressing

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The Alternate Ending For 'Get Out' Is Downright Depressing
Screengrab via YouTube
The Alternate Ending For 'Get Out' Is Downright Depressing

Screengrab via YouTube

*Warning: spoilers ahead*

In anticipation of the home release for Jordan Peele‘s Get Out, an alternate ending for the film has been released.

Up until this point, Peele has only talked about the scene, which he summarized with protagonist Chris getting arrested for the murder of the Armitage family. Now, fans of the movie can view the alternate ending for themselves and, well, it is depressing as f**k.

Following Chris’ arrest, friend and TSA employee Rod attempts to get him out by asking him to him everything that occurred during his time at the Armitage house. “Chris I really need to —” Rod begins before Chris cuts him off.

I’m good,” he tells Rod. “I stopped it.” Chris looks lifeless and defeated as he hangs up the phone and is walked back to his cell.

Obviously, the alternate ending is a drastic departure from the one that made the theatrical release. There’s another alternate ending (although it is unknown if this one actually got filmed or not) that is arguably just as depressing, which finds Rod breaking into the Armitage household to save Chris. However, he is already too late, with Chris already stuck in the Sunken Place.

“He’s looking for Chris and he sees Chris looking in a window on Main Street, and he goes ‘Chris!’ and Chris turns to him and goes, ‘I assure you, I don’t know who you’re talking about,'” Peele said, according to Yahoo.

Then there is another one that Peele has not disclosed that was filmed and will be a part of the bonus features for the home release.

Get Out drops on May 23. Watch the alternate ending below.

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