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Afropunk’s Editor-In-Chief Resigns, Cites “Performative Activism” in Scathing Statement

Afropunk’s Editor-In-Chief Resigns, Cites “Performative Activism” in Scathing Statement

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“It’s puzzling to watch them and their corporate entourage continue to practice their performative ‘activism’ dipped in consumerism and ‘woke’ keywords used for marketing purposes.”

Lou Constant-Desportes, the founding Editor-In-Chief of Afropunk, resigned earlier this week after serving the editorial side of the company for nearly a decade.

In a scathing statement posted publically to Facebook, Constant-Desportes accused the publication of “performative activism” throughout, claiming to have personally “experienced and witnessed so many lies, gaslighting, disrespect, victim-blaming, exploitation.”

He goes on to state that Afropunk was “using radical imagery, slogans and intersectional mottos to market their events,” as well as subjecting “undervalued and underpaid staff” to “precarious situations.” Constant-Desportes also reveals that Afropunk had offered him and others “hush money” in exchange for his cooperation with non-disclosure agreements.

Read the full statement below.

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Posted by Lou Constant-Desportes on Wednesday, September 5, 2018


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