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Listen to Erykah Badu Debut New Music While Honoring Jazz Great Roy Hargrove

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Could Erykah have more new music on the way?

On Tuesday (November 6th) Erykah Badu was a guest host on the online radio station NTS Radio. She was on the show for the network's The Sound of Colour series. It's a series in which artists do mixes centered around a color.

Naturally, Badu chose green.

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During Erykah Badu's two hour set — which was dedicated to Jazz great Roy Hargrove, who passed away last weekend — she played songs from The Wu-Tang Clan, Earl Sweatshirt, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and more. However, at around the 1:05:04 mark, something special happened. She premiered a new track from herself.

There is no tracklist for the mix, so we don't know the name of the song. But on the track, she sings lines like: "Money can’t buy me love/ But it can keep me in some fresh shit.”

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It's short but sweet. Check it out here. (again at the 1:05:04 mark.) Also, note: US listeners can only hear three playbacks of the mix.