Watch Stam Goody's Powerful Video For His New Single "Clutch"

Watch Stam Goody's Powerful Video For His New Single "Clutch"

Stam Goody Shows He's "Clutch" in Debut Single

Source: Stam Goody

Stam Goody’s latest video is thought-provoking  

Up-and-coming Camden, New Jersey rapper Stam Goody is all about getting the W.

By any means necessary.

Goody has just released the video for his defiant new single “Clutch.”

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The video for single has some depth to it.  Directed by Christopher Ripley, the video takes us on the journey of a young man, played by Stam Goody, as he climbs the ranks as a track and field athlete. 

But, as you’ll see in the video, things aren’t always peachy. And even if you’re a supremely talented athlete, you still have to deal with racism.  

It’s a tension that Stam writes about in the track, spitting lines like:

“They get aggravated when you make it, agitated when you black and say it, it don’t matter how you got it, when you get it, then they wanna take it”

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The video is good, and features a bunch of provocative imagery.

Check out the video below.

CLUTCH by Stam Goody on VEVO.

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