Sound Sense: 10 New Artists You Need to Know - August 2017
Sound Sense: 10 New Artists You Need to Know - August 2017
Photo Credit: Leikeli47 via Press Release

Sound Sense: 10 New Artists You Need to Know - August 2017

Lenny Kravitz, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill, Lion Babe, Thundercat, SZA & More Rock The Afropunk Festival 2015 in Brooklyn, NY. Photo Credit: Leikeli47 via Press Release

Engage your senses and get familiar with some of the best new artists of the month.

As the season comes to its logical end, it hasn't escaped us that summer's brought just as many sounds from new artists as time-tested perennials.

So we're doubling down on discovery. Today, we're introducing our new monthly segment, Sound Sense, a space for those with expansive taste with and still room to grow. Here we engage more than your ears (though they'll always come first) and offer you a direct line to those artists on the cusp of their marquee moment. Below, you'll find stellar transmissions from the cloud and well beyond, featuring sedated symphonies from Soft Glas, muddied basement funk a la Liv.e, rugged and raw rhythms from NYC's Leikeli47 and a grip of other boundary-smudging sounds and profiles for you to explore along with the month's standout singles and album cuts.

Hit play on the Best Song of August 2017 down below and scroll on to be introduced to the artists you never knew you needed in your life.



Sounds Like: Anderson .Paak over a Just Blaze suite.

Feels Like: Sprinting through Times Square to catch the train.

Tastes Like: A vanilla Dutch.


Sounds Like: Kelis jumping on a loose Tame Impala session.

Feels Like: Laying on the side of a grassy hill, wind brushing across your face.

Tastes Like: Pineapple bubblegum.

Soft Glas

Sounds Like: A night with Fleetwood Mac at The Low End Theory.

Feels Like: Slowly drifting off to sea.

Tastes Like: A swig of Rosé with fresh raspberry pulp.


Sounds Like: Aphex Twin's most soulful disco moment.

Feels Like: Two-stepping on one of Saturn's rings.

Tastes Like: Biting a moonrock.

Un Blonde

Sounds Like: Frank Ocean with a touch of country twang.

Feels Like: Salvation.

Tastes Like: A blade of wheat.


Sounds Like: A lo-fi Erykah Badu with the future funk trippiness of Sa-Ra.

Feels Like: Lighting up an impeccably rolled blunt as you lay in bed with the fan on medium rotation after a long day.

Tastes Like: Freshly-made lemonade with mint.

Star Slinger

Sounds Like: Somewhere between Daft Punk and a remote Carribean island.

Feels Like: Late night in a London loft.

Tastes Like: Chasing whiskey and Red Bull with whiskey and Red Bull.

bLAck pARty

Sounds Like: The Neptunes with the up tempo dance of Jamiroquai.

Feels Like: Watching the sun set at a rooftop party.

Tastes Like: A margarita... or two.

Deem Spencer

Sounds Like: That one AM station that you have to count the ticks of the dial to find.

Feels Like: A lazy rainy Sunday morning.

Tastes Like: Condensed milk, straight out the can.

Sam Dew

Sounds Like: Miguel mixed with a dash of Bruno Mars flair for good seasoning.

Feels Like: A funky bass line from Bootsy Collins.

Tastes Like: Home-cooked gumbo served right from the stove.

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