Hear Prince’s “Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden” From Upcoming Deluxe ‘Purple Rain’ Reissue

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Hear Prince's "Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden" From Upcoming Deluxe 'Purple Rain' Reissue

Hear Prince's "Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden" From Upcoming Deluxe 'Purple Rain' Reissue

Though his estate appears to be a touch closer to collapse on a daily basis, new-to-you Prince tracks have been steadily arriving ahead of the freshly-announced deluxe and expanded editions of Purple Rain. Slated to arrive on June 30th, the massive excavation of all things Purple Rain — rehearsals, extended edits, unreleased b-sides and a DVD of the 1985 Syracuse performance — commenced the campaign with “Electric Intercourse” in studio form. Today Warner Bros. doubles down and releases studio versions of “Our Destiny” and “Roadhouse Garden” — packaged as one — as a follow-up.

Both tracks have at least been heard on a rare soundboard recording of Prince’s birthday show at First Avenue in 1984 (“Wendy wants to live forever. Maybe she will.”) Seek that out if you haven’t heard it. This is the first-ever release of these songs in their studio versions. Earlier this week, Universal Music Group demanded the cancellation of their agreement with Prince’s estate, claiming the estate had misrepresented the licensing rights sold to the record giant in a $31 million deal that would have given UMG exclusive rights to Prince’s post-96 albums with NPG, along with the rights to “certain renowned albums” from his 1979-1986 catalog. Basically a giant fucking mess.

Hear the latest unreleased gem(s) from Prince’s upcoming expanded Purple Rain rerelease below in a new installment of The Round-Up. Pre-order your copy on iTunes today and jump back to peep the full tracklist and packaging for the release.

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